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Due to the excessive stress and pressure on your lower extremities, roughly one of every 10 broken bones occurs in the foot. With expertise in modern foot fracture treatments, experienced podiatrists Aldo Gonzalez, D.P.M. and Xavier Sanchez, D.P.M. provide comprehensive fracture care at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. If you’re suffering from a foot fracture or have an old injury that never properly healed, schedule an evaluation online today. You can also call the clinic directly to book an appointment.

Foot Fracture Q & A

What are the symptoms of a foot fracture?

When you break a bone in your foot or ankle, chances are you’re going to feel pain. But the discomfort you experience varies depending on the severity of the fracture, as well as the location of the broken bone. Some additional ankle or foot fracture symptoms you may experience include:

  • Bruising or redness
  • Swelling or tenderness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Bony bump or obvious deformity

Discomfort can become so severe that you have difficulty bearing weight on your injured ankle or foot. These symptoms can even progress and worsen over a period of several days. 

How do you diagnose a foot fracture?

If you think you have a foot fracture, it’s crucial to schedule an evaluation at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida right away to promote proper healing from the early stages. Your provider can gather digital X-rays right in the office and go over your images with you on a 50-inch monitor located in each of the patient care rooms.

Our team also performs a comprehensive evaluation, checking for deformities and soreness, and talks with you about what happened when your injury occurred. Once a provider diagnoses your ankle or foot fracture and determines the severity of your injury, they talk with you about all of your treatment options. 

Do I need surgery for a foot fracture?

Possibly. Whether you broke a toe or ankle bone, chances are that you have several weeks of immobilization ahead of you. This can involve a cast, walking boot, or splint, to name a few. 

If you have a complex ankle or foot fracture, your doctor could recommend surgery. Ankle or foot fracture surgery may be necessary for:

  • Realigning joints or repairing connective tissues
  • Fracture reduction or internal fixation to realign your bones
  • Placing pins, plates, or screws to hold bones in place during healing

Ankle and Foot Center of Florida offers extensive ankle and foot fracture care throughout your recovery period. The team will have you check in regularly and help you work with a physical therapist to rebuild strength and flexibility. 

Get started on your foot fracture treatment by booking an exam at Ankle and Foot Center of Florida today. Schedule either online or over the phone.